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Norm is the founder of 10Speak, a technology entrepreneur for 30 years, avid guitar player, motorcyclist and family guy.

So…I Can Become an Entrepreneur in a Weekend?

Years ago, when some aspiring mind wanted to create a new product or service based on an idea she/he had, they would figure out how to design, develop and market their product, find capital to enable their existence, convince people to enlist in their mission, and get at it. They were called "small businesses". Nowadays, [...]

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The Proposed Small Business Tax Changes. Yes, they will probably affect you

Wanna help small business in your community right now?    Just give me 5 minutes of your time. You have probably been hearing in the news about the small business tax changes being proposed by the Department of Finance. To date, the messaging being presented by the federal government would lead you to believe that [...]

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United Airlines and David Dao: What can Leaders learn from this Situation?

Following the aftermath of the recent debacle regarding the "re-accommodation" of United Airlines passenger David Dao, I watched the predictable and coalescent good/evil path that social media took the situation and subsequent actions. I read the arrogance of Oscar Munoz in his original statements, attempting some form of old-school "damage control" which ignited a social [...]

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Your star employees are making you look good. Are you noticing?

Those of us who fly a lot can probably agree on the least-inspiring customer experience of our business journeys - the airport security checkpoint. When I fly, I make a point of making eye contact with each person that I encounter (the check-in agent, security agent, gate agent, ...), followed by a greeting ("Good morning", [...]

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Attention Small Business Owner: Your website could be an accessory to cyber fraud, without you knowing

A few weeks ago I receive an email from Apple, informing me that my account information is "out of date" and that I should go to the Apple site to update it. Like other such e-mails, I determine it is fake and a scam in 5 seconds. The typical "red" flags reveal themselves: being referred to as [...]

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