Technology innovation expertise, experience and passion – on your mark.

You invest heavily into your technology company or new product development – researching markets and identifying customers, branding, messaging, designing, prototyping and field testing. You’re spending significant money and resources to build something great, so you want to ensure you’ve covered all the bases.

Sometimes, you need that extra set of eyes focusing on your idea – someone that has spent their career innovating – not just answering the questions that need to be asked, but also coming up with the questions. You want someone who is invested in your vision. These people are hard to find. Plus, you don’t have the time to sit around and wait. The tech industry is moving fast – the right product and time-to-market are critical success factors that you cannot afford to put anything less than your best into.

That’s were 10Speak comes in.

Think of us as a catalyst for your go-to-market strategy.  Imagine yourself in the critical stages of your product’s early development. Now imagine that you could call upon someone to jump in and work beside you to offer a fresh and independent perspective, bring ideas to you for product improvement, identify pitfalls or challenges that maybe you hadn’t thought of – and you only had to commit to that person for as long as you needed them – a day, a week, a month – your call.  That’s our value proposition to you.

We are not consultants that get paid a daily rate just to tell you what we think.  We are innovators with a passion for solving problems for customers, using modern technology and experience.  We love what we do.  You love what you do.  We help you be more successful.  It’s that simple.